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Organic Cannabis Soil History

With 30+ years of horticulture experience, the product developers for Spiked Soil knew their way around a garden supply store and what combination of products would yield good results. They recognized though that inexperienced growers deal with confusion and can be overwhelmed with all of the different products available. Even with their knowledge, the developers still had similar issues of extra product expenses and the hassle of mixing products. They believed less products containing more ingredients that were simple to use wouldn’t just benefit new growers but resolve their own frustrations.

They worked on perfecting a solution for more than two years, always keeping organic, simplicity and the grower in mind. They continued to test and tweak formulas based on trial results and feedback from growers. Each formulation produced even better results. When they were done, the result was three concoctions that created the ultimate organic plant cocktail.

Today, you can have everything you need for a great grow in three easy and organic products by Spiked Soil. Plant with Dirt Martini, topdress with Another Round during the growth phase and topdress with Bloom Booze during the flowering phase. It’s that easy, no more confusion, stress or wasted time and related costs. Start a buzz in your garden today with Spiked Soil!