Cannabis Potting Soil & Cannabis Seed Starter Concoctions

With over thirty years of horticulture experience to draw upon, Spiked Soil had the expertise to know the combination of products that would yield the best results. Two years of research and testing, along with feedback from growers, enabled them to create a perfect growing system that is always organic, simple to use, and designed with the grower in mind.

Spiked Soils proprietary blend is a living marijuana soil containing the finest of all organic ingredients and an abundance of beneficial microorganisms. Spiked Soil offers three concoctions with each one developed precisely for every stage of the plant’s growth cycle.

Dirt Martini

Dirt Martini is the perfect medium to start plants off healthy and robust. This organic, living marijuana soil, precisely created and designed for better aeration, promotes healthy root growth and increases root mass.

Another Round

Another Round has the nutrients and minerals necessary to support healthy development throughout the growth and vegetation stage of the plant. This product will provide a healthy environment for the microflora and create a constant nitrogen supply, producing greener plants.

Bloom Booze

The third concoction, Bloom Booze, is the final touch for a well-loved plant. Applied during the flowering phase, Bloom Booze increases flower and fruit production and maintains healthy roots for fuller plants.

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