Cannabis Soil Grow Kits

Spiked Soil has a different approach than many competitors. Applying the latest research allowed Spiked Soil to develop a system which enables plants to grow strong, healthy root systems early, creating happy plants that produce high yields. Unlike others in the industry Spiked Soil does not carry and sell an abundance of products but has simplified the process for the customer with three easy steps.

Spiked Soil has simplified the growing process by offering home growers the Spiked Soil Home Grow Kit, containing everything necessary to grow from one to six marijuana plants. The Home Grow Kit includes the appropriate amount of Dirt Martini, Another Round, and Bloom Booze complete with a four gallon fabric grow pot with plastic saucers to catch debris and a 1 cup measuring scoop. Provide water, light, and seeds or plants and the marijuana soil grow kit will provide everything needed to ensure a successful grow, whether it’s a first or one of many.

To learn more about Spiked Soils Home Grow Kit, their organic growing concoctions or anything else, contact us today.