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Cannabis Living Soil – Cannabis Grow Kits

Spiked Soil’s dedicated state of the art facility crafts each of our three patent pending products giving us complete and total control over each input used, ensuring the quality and consistency of our products. This unwavering commitment to quality control gives your operation the peace of mind that the quality of products you receive the first time will be what you get each and every time.

Partnering with Spiked Soil Provides Your Operation with:

  • Team education and training on our 3 patent pending and easy to use products directly from our product developer with 36 years of horticulture experience

  • Ability to implement organic based cultivation practices— living soil, no till, probiotic

  • Assistance in the implementation of organic based cultivation practices —living soil, no till, probiotic

  • Simplified and standardized organic based feeding program allowing for easy implementation across multiple licenses

  • More storage space by eliminating the need of individual inputs needed to amend nutrient deficient growing media

  • Reduced costs compared to liquid, salt based or synthetic nutrients

  • Tea recipes for both veg and bloom

  • Improved soil health

  • Organic based propagation

  • Aid against nutrient deficiencies, pest and environmental pressures

  • Tools to cultivate top shelf, in demand crops with larger yields and returns

We can process and fulfill any size order, regardless of the size quickly and efficiently.

For more information or a custom quote please use the form below and let us know how we can help improve your operations.